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Megan Monique, mystic

Megan is a naturally gifted intuitive who has been reading oracle and tarot cards since 2010. She has a way of bringing a fresh perspective to the minds of her guests that allow them to be more present in their lives. Those who spend time with her in session feel heard, comforted, and held even while facing some of the heavier human emotions. Guests leave feeling relieved and emptied in all the best ways.

60-Minute session

Does your heart have questions you need someone to help you see the answers to? Megan has been hosting these sessions for more than 5 years. Your time together is sacred, valued, important. There’s something your soul is asking for, let’s find out what.


*this includes pulling 9 or more oracle cards over an hours time as well as meditation, smudging, or anything else your session requires.

home organizing

Do you have space or spaces in your home that need some clutter clearing and organizing or even decorating, but you like the time and enthusiasm? Megan has a knack for arranging loveable, useful spaces that fuel inspiration. Free consultation.

$45 / hour

*this includes a free consultation where Megan comes to your home (in the DFW area) where we talk about possibilities and make a plan)

home blessing

Megan assists in clearing heavy or negative energy from homes and other spaces. If you need to shift the feel inside of your home so you can more comfortably live and feel at ease, or remove the experience of trauma from a space, this is what you need.


*during the home blessing Megan also provides an oracle reading for you and brings crystals with her for you to leave in your home to help hold intention.



Megan Monique Lewis, Mystic

112 North Dallas Street
Ennis, Texas 75119

(469) 744-0077

Megan Monique Lewis

Full Moon Horoscopes

Your Spirit Sparkle is coming upon it’s 10th month of consecutive Full Moon Horoscopes! Every Full Moon we update this page with fresh readings and send out love notes to inboxes everywhere with intuitive messages guided by the moon and oracle.

Sparkle Time with Megan

Join Megan on YouTube once a week for Sparkle Time where she hosts guests, pulls oracle and tarot cards, and leads spiritual conversations to make putting the sparkle back in your life more tangiable and easy! These light-hearted conversations are invigorating.


Over on Megan’s website she shares astral and oracle readings for every day of the week. This is a wonderful way to get a taste for what her services offer without having to invest anything monetarily upfront AND helps you to tune into the frequency of the day.