Soul Sessions

In these oracle readings, Megan provides you with boundless enthusiasm for what you want to create in your life, and when you're unclear about exactly what that is, she helps you to get clear! She provides depth and insight to the longings of your heart while showing you the places you're holding yourself back.

These sessions are done over the phone, video call, or in-person if you're local to Ennis, Texas. You have the option of having your session recorded as well (phone and in person sessions only). By the end of your reading, you will be acutely aware of the new possibilities that are available to you at this exact moment in your life. Get the clarity, focus, and vision you've been craving.

$75 for one session

Megan Monique Soul Sessions

Megan tapped into a deep question in my heart, and brought forward beautiful insights, all with Divine Timing and Love. Her answers addressed my every concern. It was an awe-inspiring reading. Megan, bless you!
— Lisa Phillippi

Megan is so SPOT ON with her readings. I’m always excited about what she has to say! There is an energy and intuitiveness within her soul that pulls forth realms of knowledge during her readings. It is magnificent to experience and leaves me feeling reassured and confident in the answers I have received! This one card wonder is amazing! I have had readings with several cards and this one was a perfect amount of information and confirmed what I was feeling in my heart.
— Ann Webb

Megan has always been so spot on with all of my cards, it is simply amazing and this reading was no different. It was packed full of the information I needed to hear. She saw past the question to what lay beyond and addressed that head on, greatly clarifying me on many things that have been bothering me lately. Her readings are always so positive and helpful, they always point me towards the problem and steer me towards the perfect solution.
— Holly Dolezalik

“Every time I am around her, I immediately feel love and compassion flowing all around, while she is moving energy powerfully and taking me into a deep journey of healing and self-discovery. I have seen myself grow and deepen my connection with myself and Spirit since we began working together.”
— Michelle Ontiveros

Megan amazes me EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. She asked if I had a specific question and I did but I didn’t let her know as I wanted to see where the card lead us. Well she hit the nail on the head! Her insight is beyond anything I could ever imagine and she delivers the message in a way that makes you understand. After I read and re-read the message (because that’s what I like to do) I found myself excited and overwhelmed with emotion. She certainly helps me get back on track and more importantly gets my thoughts back on track. Thank you Megan!
— Elena Duke

You know when a card comes up & Megan’s interpretation just flips the whole situation on its head? And then you can see the alternatives (you’d actually even forgotten alternatives existed because the situation had mired you down SO much!!!) and then you can move forward again in joy and confidence! Spot on details, great guidance and a download of love, hope and connection~ it’s incredible! Everyone should have a Megan in their life! Thank you so much for this offering. <3
— J

Megan is always spot on with every reading, whether it be a reading with a specific question in mind or an open-ended “just let her go where Spirit takes her” situation. Her readings are always EXACTLY what I need to hear and know at that EXACT time. The card she pulls is perfect. Absolutely perfect. But her intuitive interpretation of it and her guidance takes everything to a whole different level. I usually go into these readings confused, conflicted and overall low-vibes, low energy and heavy. She brightens everything up and brings everything to the surface with such precision, light and love. She is not the fake butterflies and rainbow type. She offers genuine, authentic guidance and love delivered with hope, trust and sincerity. She has changed my life in ways I will never be able to explain. No exaggeration. Thank you so much Megan for all that you do and for all that you are. Such a blessing to be able to interact with such a beautiful soul. Thank you.
— Ashley Lam