Feel Better Coaching


Feel Better Coaching

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You have a strong sense of self. You consider yourself a logical, considerate person who also uses your intuition to guide you through life. You value maintaining authentic relationships and cultivating new understandings of yourself and those around you. While you do a better job than most of keeping all the pieces of life afloat AND find moments of satisfaction or joy along the way (here and there, at least). The ongoing process of life feels just like that - ongoing and at times, relentless.

You find yourself wondering when you’ll get to catch a breath and find some relief. But that’s not something you’d say out loud or to anyone other than those closest to you. You don’t want to seem ungrateful. You know your life is full and wonderful and you appreciate that.

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But the womps. The womps keep coming back.

Guess what. You are human my, friend. You’re catching the womps because you’re a human being. It’s a portion of our experience here on this floating orb in space. I totally understand how you’re feeling and I am absolutely here to support you.

My services don’t offer any kind of a quick fix. There’s nothing really to fix, just some new and different perceptions to try on. Our time together will be the touchstones throughout your month that bring you back to your place of center and focus. We’ll take into account your victories and challenges. We’ll discuss how to incorporate mindfulness practices into your life. We’ll breathe together. You’ll learn your natural rhythms and how to move with their current.

You’ll find appreciation for who you uniquely are in this lifetime.

Btw, this isn’t some kind of a magic trick, but for real - people feel relieved after we spend time together. My astrology chart said that I am a transmutor of dark matter and it really does feel that way. Those I work with share with me the things that feel heavy to them, and I provide a safe space for that weight to be released. But don’t worry, I don’t carry your heavy shit within me. I am a channel, all is released. We both end up feeling better when we leave one another.

All contact involved during our month together is strictly between us. There are no group calls, emails, messages, etc. This is an exclusive one on one journey for as long as you choose to be in it. Once you are signed up, you can cancel at any time. There are no restrictions on how long you participate. Do what feels best for you. I only want you to show up in this capacity if you want to be here. This will make for a most enjoyable experience for us both.

Let’s get into the details of what this looks like.

Each month...

  • we will have one OR two phone calls together (you get to choose how many, normally $75 each)

  • upon your request I will send you an audio oracle reading - delivered within 24 hours ($45 value)

  • we will have bi-weekly email check ins

  • you will have access to me via the Marco Polo app between communications for additional support

During our time together...

  • I will provide you with relevant resources to support you on your path

  • I will provide guided visualizations and breathing techniques

  • We will clear away energetic heaviness and stagnation

  • We will pull Oracle and Tarot cards and reflect upon them

  • You will be provided with journaling topics to explore