60 Minute Massage

60 Minute Massage


Enjoy a 60-minute massage using integrative therapies with our beloved massage therapist, Heather Cherie, LMT. Heather caters to each individual client’s needs using a blend of techniques dedicated to help you find physical relief from the stresses you carry in your body. You can pay ahead for your appointment below and we’ll be in touch to schedule a time for your session! If you prefer to pay in person, get in touch with us and we’ll get you on the books.

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Massage with Heather Cherie, LMT

"Heather infuses healing with her touch. She takes each person’s uniqueness into account, so you are not just another body on the table. It’s the type of environment where you can ask questions about what she’s feeling as she massages and best practices for improving tightness etc. After my session, there was a deeper understanding and awareness of my own body and a warm feeling of wanting to return to relax and learn more the next time!"

Magen Rigdon-Turner