tidy up your mind

Moon Phase Readings.png
Moon Phase Readings.png

tidy up your mind


Moon-Phase Oracle readings are here to guide you through the phases of your life.

They shine Light on the places you desire to have a new experience and highlight helpful perspectives that prepare you to open up and allow.

  • 10 pages of Spiritual Wisdom & Guidance
  • 3 Oracle Cards pulled just for you with photos
  • Our Lengthy Interpretation of your Cards
  • Answers to your Questions
  • Relationship Resolution Guided Meditation Audio

SPECIAL OFFER TODAY ONLY: When you order your reading you will receive it Wednesday by 12 pm CST.

Your PDF is delivered via email.

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"Yes, dang tootin's you chicks are SPOT ON!  Thanks to you both so much.  I appreciate the writing prompts and your awesome presentation.  What a lovely experience." - TeeMarie