Oracle Readings


Oracle Readings

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It is a wild time right now. Doors are opening and closing, and opening and closing. There are a million different avenues to place our focus and energy. Sometimes, we can’t stop spinning. I feel you. I do. It can be intense at times. Answer a few questions for me, then let me help.

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I can’t promise that receiving an oracle reading from me will clear all the crazy away. But I do know that my words seem to bring people comfort and even clarity. A client just text me today and said that when we spoke it’s like I was verbally hugging her with support. I like that. It clears away some of my own crazy. Let me do that for you. It’ll help us both. ♥


  • I will pull 3 cards for you and provide you with the book information that applies and an image of your cards
  • When you purchase you will have an opportunity to provide us with topics, questions, or periods of time you're curious about
  • All readings will be delivered within 72 hours of your purchase.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at

♥ Megan