Oracle Readings

Those who find themselves in a reading with us are usually there because it is a pivotal moment in your life (whether you realize it or not). It's a place in time where things begin to shift for you. Whether big or small. You are ready to experience things in a new way and perhaps, you aren't quite sure how to get there. Or if the path you're on or thinking of pursuing is the 'right one'.

Our sessions, in whatever fashion you choose, provide you with permission, affirmation, and a new solution-oriented perspective that feels good and clear to you.

You will also be left with some clear, actionable steps to take, should you choose to take them.

And this is kind of the whole thing, it's all up to you. Your choice. Your path. Your chosen perception.

You get to choose! Which we understand, may feel maddening at times. But hey, that's why we're here! 

Oracle Readings


delivered via email

Are you needing clarity, guidance, or spiritual solutions for some of the circumstances of your life? Our Oracle Readings are a simple, way to receive a reading just when you need it most with ease. Click the button below to receive a reading for yourself. You will be prompted at your purchase to choose audio or text reading. You will also have the opportunity to ask whatever questions you like!




in-person only

The Reset Session is the holy grail of our offerings. During our 90-minutes together, you will receive an oracle reading with both Heather and Megan, an upper body massage to help you release what comes up in the reading, a personalized mini guided meditation, and an energy clearing or smudging while you are on the table. We LOVE hosting these sessions for you!


Soul Sessions with Megan Monique


in-person or over the phone

I've worked with and alongside 100s of spiritual people, coaches, and healers bringing clarity, perspective, understanding, and inspired alignment to their lives and businesses. I'm looking for ready people who know it's time for a change and some peace of mind. Join me for an hour long session to help you move into new realms of connection and ease or check out my coaching program.



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