Integrative Massage

I'm Heather, a Licensed Massage Therapist with over 7 years of experience. I studied in Dallas, Texas at Parker University. For the longest time, I felt my place was in a medical setting alongside Chiropractors. But when I had my daughter in 2016, my life changed for the better and I found myself wanting to build a practice closer to home with a schedule and workload that honors the slow paced intentional life I am being called to create.

60-minute session

Heather uses combined methods of Swedish massage and deep tissue. Prenatal is also an option. She lets your aches and pains, and her intuition guide while you're on the table.


*gratuity not included.
*Please bring cash or check.


(214) 493-0876

Heather Cherie Massage Therapist at Your Spirit Sparkle

90-minute session

You and Heather will discuss any targeted areas you'd like to address or you can receive a more general full body massage. Remember, it takes consistent bodywork to be a cause for effective healing. 


*gratuity not included. 
Please bring cash or check.


(214) 493-0876


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Megan Ridgon-Turner
Heather infuses healing with her touch. She takes each person’s uniqueness into account, so you are not just another body on the table. It’s the type of environment where you can ask questions about what she’s feeling as she massages and best practices for improving tightness etc. After my session, there was a deeper understanding and awareness of my own body and a warm feeling of wanting to return to relax and learn more the next time!
— Magen Rigdon-Turner