Full Moon in aries • september 24, 2018



January 20th - February 18th

Right now your awareness is increased. Your inner voice is rising and the sound that it brings to you is of divine resonance. If you are not yet feeling this Crystal Clear Connection with your inner Compass, it is possible that first, you have to sift through some of the fears and concerns that you hold of what it might mean, if you are to listen to this voice. It may mean that it is time for you to shed some labels, or identities that you've held, or how you are perceived by the outside world in order to embrace this new understanding that is appearing to you. Do not be afraid. Know that what is on the other side of this discomfort is pure relief and freedom. Your fears and concerns might be there, look them in the eye and move forward accordingly. This is certainly a call to action it's time for you to take charge. Look at what you have going on in your life, put down the things that are not meant for you, or make a plan of execution. And begin taking the steps that you need to walk your talk.

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February 19th - March 20th

Stand strong in who you are and whom you are becoming. It's time for you to bring your attention back to yourself. It may be possible that you've been focusing too much on what the people around you are or aren't doing. When it comes down to it, this is none of your business. Right now place your mind, your focus, your energy on the things that you need to do for yourself to gain a better experience in your life. Be honest with yourself. Don't be afraid to speak the truth when the time comes. It would be beneficial for you to spend some time Outdoors, even just placing your feet on the ground to activate the experience of being grounded inside of yourself. It can be difficult for you as a Pisces to remain inside of your body because you are the sign representative of all expansive thought. With that great power, comes great responsibility. Because Pisces is most valuable when it can maintain the balance between its free form abstract thought and grounded presence in this time and space. Focus is what is calling to you now. Keep your eyes on the prize, and that has nothing to do with anyone except for yourself.

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March 21st - April 19th

The conversation of fear is coming up for many of us right now. When we are praying for growth, evolution, and change. When we want grace in the process of becoming. It is inevitable that fear will rise. Because when our light grows stronger all of those things that have been kept in our shadows hidden from the light, begin to speak up out of their own fears of being demolished and disintegrated. In a while you may not want to house these fears inside of you any longer, they are here to serve a purpose. They can shine light on the places that you have to be grateful for, and when you stop being afraid of them you can listen to what it is that they're saying. More often than not our fears have a message for us. Telling us our limitations, keeping us from expanding into the places where we were naturally meant to be. This is not something to be ashamed of, and certainly do not shake your finger at your fears, anger or frustration, embrace them with as much love as you can muster and allow them to be a Guiding Light in your life. There is a big opportunity for you to receive Miracles right now as you clear out these fears and make space for something more. You have something important to share and that is more important than giving these fears more power than they deserve. The good news is on the other side of fear is often relief and opportunity.

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April 20th - May 20th

It's time to begin making space in your life for miracles to come to you. Consider the places where you're feeling the world caving in on you. Consider the places where you're feeling constricted and confined. Take a deep breath in and as you exhale imagine your breath pushing everything that isn't you about 7 inches away from you. So you're left with this empty open gap of air around you. This is a practice we use frequently to remove the pressure of the things we feel are caving in on us. When you create space in that way you're creating room for Spirit to come in and bring miracles to you in a very natural way. Remember that everything in this time and space is an illusion, and it's temporary. The same way that when you think of yesterday, it is only in your mind, and you can't quite reach back and touch it. Nor can you reach into the future. You have to remember that many of the feelings that are not of the essence of God, are also just as temporary and also an illusion. Allow those feelings that do not resonate in the vibration of love to float away from you. Don't hold them into your body. Don't hold them in your mind. Let them go. Keep the love. Release everything else. Miracles are waiting for you. Those places where you're holding fear, you have permission to see the fear and move through it anyway, to embrace the relief and freedom on the other side of that. We are all being called to face our fears right now. Remember that you are safe and you are surrounded by angels. Let go of your concerns and allow for a miracle.

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May 21st - June 20th

Your focus for this next moon cycle is meant to be within your mind. Consider the housekeeping that you've done on your headspace lately. Do you do your best to keep your mind neat and tidy, or have you been spending time harboring resentment, or anger, or unforgiveness? Your mind space is the most powerful tool that you have right now. Your thoughts are magnetic. What you spend time thinking about you draw closer to you. This moon cycle it is very important that you realize just how powerful your thoughts are. You may experiment by thinking of something like the color red and then as you move throughout your day noticing all the places where the color red shows up for you. Or think about dimes, or pennies and then keep an eye out for where they show up around you. This is an affirmation of how powerful your mind really is. Keeping your headspace Clean and Clear will give you an opportunity for the things you are wanting to come closer to you. This is your own kind of magic. Mind magic. Remember that you are safe, and angels are looking out for you. Continue to surrender your worries and concerns to the heavens.

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June 21st - July 22nd

Where are the places in your home that you can clear out clutter? Where are the places in your day-to-day life that you can clear out clutter? What are the areas of your mind where you can clear out mental clutter? There are Miracles arriving to you at every moment. However, they need room to be planted into your experience, so that they can sprout and grow into something more. This moon phase is here for you to create more space in your life experience. As you do, these Miracles will begin to take root and grow into something that sustains you in new ways. There is this outpouring of Grace from you right now. You may notice it in moments of conversation where your heart feels connected to the person in front of you. You may notice it occurring at a time when you're feeling vulnerable. And when an event crosses your path that warms your heart and feels sincere. Know that this grace that is pouring through you right now is meant to be shared and experienced. Use this grace to fuel inspiration in your daily life and know that it is a deliberate gift of God. A Divine Healing is occurring for you now. Your sensitivities are growing in ways that will benefit you. Nurture yourself so that you feel supported during this transition of change and becoming.

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July 23rd - August 22nd

Hey, congrats is in order! It seems that you've had opportunities lately to follow your intuition and did so. Even if the situation was unpleasant, provide yourself with kudos for hearing that inner voice when it showed up for you. You are learning to trust your spiritual guidance more now. And it's possible that you've had many layers of fear to move through an order to know what that voice sounds like. There's nothing wrong with this. All of our journeys to listening to that inner calling are different. Praise yourself for where you are right now and the work you've done to get here. It is enough, and you are doing well. You are loved unconditionally in more ways than you realize. Trust that at this moment with these decisions you are making, chords are being cut. Old ways of living are being released. And you are carving a new path. Now is a time for you to move beyond limitation and begin trusting in a new way. This next moon cycle may also be a time of inspiration for you. Let these waves of grace wash over you, carve out tiny moments throughout your day to honor these inner callings. Other people receive blessings when you tune into that creative force of inspiration. Even if that isn't your intention, it's a natural blessing of Leo's, that those around you are also bestowed with gifts simply by being yourself.

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August 23rd - September 22nd

The time has come! Can you feel that? Your karma is releasing and changing. All that time that you spent wanting things to be different, and not knowing how to make it happen. As you are doing the work to change your mindset and energy about how you feel around certain things, these karmic ties that you've had through your ancestors, or Souls past are being expelled from your experience. They simply no longer fit. They no longer have a place to reside within you. And you have been adamant about creating a new experience whether you realized it or not. A new path is unfolding for you and you can give permission for all of those old undesirable vibrations to leave you now. As you create space and clean house both inward and outwardly, good energy will flow in and you will receive this new experience that is waiting for you. It is a time of focused intention. Keep your eyes on the prize. And do not waver. The end result will blow you out of the water in the best way possible. But you must move through the fears that have been presented to you first. Do what you feel is right. An important lesson is unfolding. All in the perfect timing. Have patience, continue walking forward and know that the best is yet to come.

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September 23rd - October 22nd

The messages coming through for you on this full moon Libra are very Cosmic ones. You are transcending into a new version of yourself at the moment. And it's possible that you're going through several different cycles of downloading and receiving information that feels new to you or maybe you're just seeing it with fresh eyes. Either way, imagine that you are crossing over the threshold into a new chapter of your life at this time. One that feels more enlightened with light filled information and guidance, and one where your relationships are filled with a greater sense of sustainability and satisfaction. You may be getting new ideas or understandings that are helping you adapt into a new way of living or relating to yourself. Either way, this is an upgrade, a version 5.0. And all of it is happening synchronistically and in divine order. The challenge for you here Libra, will be letting go of thinking you know all the answers, to being open to something entirely new and wonderful waiting for you.

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October 23rd - November 21st

Scorpio it's time for you to spend some time in contemplation and reflection. When is the last time you busted out that journal? Put pen-to-paper this full moon cycle and ponder what it is you truly desire. Try not to attach your desires to specific people or circumstances, but rather how is it that you want to feel in your work life? How is it that you want to feel inside of your intimate relationships? How is it that you want to feel with your children, or family members? Now is the time for you to get clear on what it is that you want, instead of allowing outside forces to lure you into a place that you later discover is not meant for you. You have a powerful fire within you Scorpio. It's important that you learn how to direct it in impactful ways that are led by your innermost self. You are in the chapter, and have been, of rediscovering a forgotten part of yourself. Harmony and healing is coming at this time. Though it is certainly not in the way you thought it would look. It will all be okay, it is all beautiful. Allow this chapter to unfold in ways that may feel uncomfortable to you, however, you know they are in your best interest. As you clear out other people's opinions and assumptions and desires, you will be creating space for miracles to come in and bless you. Do your work and create the space within your mind, body and in your physical space so that you can receive what is meant for you.

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November 22nd - December 21st

Sagittarius, though the darkness and amongst the heavier energies may be a place that you are more familiar and comfortable residing in at times, what is calling to you now is ascension. Your inner callings are getting stronger. And the places were you feel more purpose and devotion and alignment are becoming clear to you. It's time to align your actions with what you know in your heart of hearts. You may have been doing this already in small ways, but this full moon provides you with an opportunity to make a big leap. Consider what that might look like for you. Do not base it off of what you feel others might consider a big leap. What would feel like a big dedication, a significant devotion to some concept or idea that you've been pondering on? Ganesh is on your side during this moon cycle removing obstacles for you. Know that you have all of the angelic and heavenly support that you need to move forward on this path. It is time for you to take charge, lead by example, and walk your talk. Consider what changes you will be implementing during this next moon cycle.

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December 22nd - January 19th

Have you been sitting in your fears lately, Capricorn? You aren't the only one. The fear card came up before at least half of the signs during this moon cycle. Our fears are rising to the surface right now and we are being asked to call upon our inner fire and face these fears that we hold, so we may move through them and find the relief and freedom that is waiting for us on the other side. Remember that you are stronger and bigger than anything it is that you're afraid of. And if you are experiencing these fears only in your mind about something hypothetical or something that has yet to come in to be, this is your reminder to put those things down. Preparedness is one thing, self-created anxiety is another. It's important that you learn the difference of those two for yourself. You are transcending into a higher level of being and understanding in your life right now, likely in more ways that you realize. When we transcend and move beyond our current selves it is inevitable that a wave of fear finds us. Those shadowy places within us feel threatened as the light begins to grow within and around ourselves. When those fears arise face them, bring them to your journal, work through them with logical understanding and rest their concerns at ease. Everything is unfolding in perfect timing right now, allow each step to fall into place as it is meant to and release control of the pieces, knowing that you do not have to force anything to happen, as it is all occurring in its own Divine timing.

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