Your Spirit Sparkle Horoscopes


written by Heather & Megan

April 29, 2018
ripeness and illumination

FULL MOON IN scorpio



January 20th - February 18th

You may find yourself in a wave of relationship harmony at the moment. Enjoy this current phase of your life. It's possible that some old wounds are being healed at this time and a chapter that was once a struggle may, in fact, be coming to an end in one form or another. Enjoy your new found "lightness" that seems to of swept you off your feet. It's a good time for self-reflection while the waters are still. Ask yourself where in your life experience you could use more satisfaction or fulfillment? Is there some creative project that's been calling your name? Is there something you've been wanting more of but are feeling some resistance when you approach the thought? Get out your journal and explore what's showing up a bit more. Write out the questions here and answer them in length. Let your mind wander to different places. You might discover something unexpected or the simple act of emptying your mind may bring you some surprising and unexpected relief you didn't know you needed. "Rediscover a lost part of yourself." You've been doing an excellent job of dancing with the universe, swaying and grooving with what's showing up. There might not be anything heavy weighing on you at the moment and that might feel surprising. Enjoy it! Observe it. Love it. It's yours.

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February 19th - March 20th

You can stop questioning yourself now. There is a chapter coming to close in your life. Through the cycle, you recently emerged from you have become stronger, clearer. More grounded in yourself. You may even feel like a new or different person. Your surroundings both externally and within your mind may look entirely different than 8 or even 4 months ago. You can stop questioning this transformation. It happened. You are here. Welcome. Walk through your life now with these fresh eyes. Your shoulders rolled back. Your chest lifted. Your heart opens and aligned with YOUR values. You may be finding yourself dabbling in new or old hobbies. Consider what has peeked your interest most in the last couple of weeks. Be still in your desires and call to you that which you are wanting. That which lingers in your mind. Perceptions you've once heald are shifting at this time. Know that any information that finds you are there to be helpful and guide you along your path. Should you find yourself in anger, allow your frustrations to be processed, and once they have moved on, see the situation from a calm, cool mind. It is a gift for you. No matter how uncomfortable, these happenings are here to help you.

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March 21st - April 19th

You may be feeling stronger and clearer at this time. Like a fresh wave of new has washed over you. Don’t question its presence, just embrace that it is here for you. You’ve been wanting this and craving it. It’s here! How do you wish to celebrate? There may be some unexpected conversations or opportunities that arise. When you approach how to respond in these situations, trust yourself and trust that your Higher Power will guide you to the right words and timing for your voice to be shared in the best way possible. For you and everyone else involved. You have a very deep Earth connection right now which also translates into your spiritual connection. Lean into this support. Let it grow. Watch how much you are supported. Use your increased awareness to your benefit to strengthen the foundation you’ve been laying down and honing in on. What are you excited about for this next season of life? What ways do you desire to support yourself?

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April 20th - May 20th

Taurus, devotion is something that comes easily for you. Maybe not in every area of your life, but the places where others rely on you, showing is something that you value. If you don't have this experience of yourself, you might look at your other astrological signs or consider at what place on the spectrum of devotion you are residing at. Because it's a sliding scale and you can register at different places at different times in your life. Regardless, know that you hold within you the capacity to show up for yourself and others in consistent, dependable ways. It's nice to be someone other people can count on. Know that the people around want to and do see you in this way. Whatever spiritual guidance signs you've been getting lately, trust them. And if you're having trouble making sense of what's showing up, you might consider having someone do a reading for you, or even scheduling a soul session with Megan. This could help you gain more understanding. Outside of that, your trusty journal will go a long way. Ask your guides for assistance in unveiling the truth.

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May 21st - June 20th

"The universe is within you," Boy - doesn't that make a lot of sense. No wonder you've been so restless and frustrated. Feeling like there's something that you want, but it always feels out of your grasps. If the universe is within you, that means you're housing A LOT at the moment. And we think that maybe sometimes that feels heavier than at other times when it tends to flow with inspiration and ease. Though feelings may be tense, do not blame yourself for this. It's part of you who you are, the indecisiveness, the mind-change, the slippery grasp - though it may feel like chaos to you, it is all part of God's plan which is not for you to know in its entirety. Do what has been placed in front of you. There's plenty of it to focus on, you know. When you look too far ahead to the bigger picture, that's when things get messy. Your visions are not meant for you to carry and hold onto. They are there for you to peek into what is coming and then let go, leaving you with the inspiration the vision left behind. You are not meant to be angry or irritated that it is not yet here. You've been looking in the wrong place. Have patience with yourself. It is not easy being in the world with such an elusive character trait, but there is nothing bad or wrong about it. You just need to start learning to acknowledge and honor whatever phase you are in instead of shaming yourself for it.

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June 21st - July 22nd

Things may feel a little (or a lot) messy right now. You have two options here - you can go down the road of wildly expressing yourself and letting ALL THE FEELINGS you're feeling pour out unto the Earth and its occupants. Or you can take some time for yourself and have a really good (or several) ugly cries. Bring your experiences to the page. Write about what is going on. Sit down and process this instead of leaping into emotional action. There's nothing wrong with feeling how you are feeling right now, the invitation is just to experience this moment very consciously. Take responsibility for what is yours and above all else, repeat the affirmation, "everything is temporary". This moment you are in will not last forever. And the contrast of what you are experiencing now, in relation to the lightness that is coming will be tremendous. It's time to be tough for this next moon phase and do what needs to be done. You're not the victim here, you're just a person having a human experience which is full of paradoxes and a grand scale of varying emotions. Do things that bring your comfort at this time that are within your grasp. How can you best support yourself? What are your needs when you're in this state of mind? How can you bring more prayer into your day today? Ask for the assistance and help you need. Your Angels will bring it.

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July 23rd - August 22nd

It is possible that you do not currently have the same capacity for bullshit as you once did and that's okay. Your life has moved and shifted. You feel differently in a lot of ways than you did in years before. Stand on solid ground where you are now. Do not compare this piece of your journey to any previous moments. Be here now. There are gifts for you, all around you. Consider the people and habits you have in your life that do not bring you ease or comfort. Consider the relationships you allow to overflow into your bubble of peace. You have eternal permission to create boundaries in ways that feel good to you. To honor your energy the way it is now. Let go of any assumed expectations you feel others place upon you and do what you feel is best for you in your life now. A healing is taking place. You may feel more sensitive than usual. Honor that experience within yourself. Give yourself whatever it is you need. When you are recharged and mended, your Light can shine to support others. But first, some energy needs to be shaken loose and dismissed.

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August 23rd - September 22nd

Virgo, you've been getting visions of pieces of what is to come. It may benefit you to scroll to the Gemini horoscope and read that baby as well, see if it resonates with you too. Lots of moving pieces, and if they aren't pieces they are moments in relationships, experiences, conversations, miscommunications at times - there's a lot going on for you, Virgo. There is so much to be excited about, and still, some places you are struggling and uncomfortable. It's time to start putting your blinders on. Keeping your eyes on your own paper. Though you love being social and maintaining quality relationships, not everyone else has the capacity for that or sees things the same way you do. That's okay. Not everyone is going to want to join your party. Shake them haters off, decide what it is you do want, and then start calling that in. Do you want to feel loved, seen, celebrated? Do you want to also support others in feeling that way as well? Do you want to be surrounded by people who can be open and honest with you? Do you want quality relationships with people who are on the same page? Call it in. It's already yours. Don't be upset at the places you're not getting it. Instead, focus on what you do want and where that is showing up for you.

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September 23rd - October 22nd

You may be finding yourself at the end of a cycle or chapter at this time in your life. What pieces of yourself or ways of living have changed for you lately? What past experiences are you happy to say goodbye to? Better yet, what new experiences are you excited to be welcoming in? Do you find that you have newfound optimism or a skip in your step lately? Enjoy what is unfolding for you. Know that there are ebbs and flows in every chapter of your life and some chapters are more enjoyable than others. Take the new information finding its way to you as golden information for you to use moving forward as you navigate these new waters and relish in the lovely happenings unfolding before you. Past illusions and concerns are being revealed and seen in a new light so that you may move beyond those areas that have felt puzzling or like a burden to you.

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October 23rd - November 21st

You are on the cusp of a leap of faith. Perhaps the biggest leap of faith you’ve taken in some time. You may be wondering if you can pull this off if it’s the right thing to do if it’ll be worth all the discomfort. The answer is, yes, it will. What is coming after this will blow your mind. A year from now your life will look and feel completely different. The burdens you have been carrying with you for too long will be lifted. Your spirit for life will be renewed. Allow this new chapter to unfold with ease and ask for your angels help in receiving this experience. Release your concerns and ask Archangel Michael and God to guide you on this path of following your true north. There is plenty of room and available magic for miracles to occur and mountains to move. Let them. See your life begin to shift moment by moment, choice by choice, conversation by conversation. Be proud of who you are becoming. Step up to the plate and do what needs to be done so the change you’ve been wanting can finally come to you. Big things. BIG things. (Even if they don’t seem that way. It's all happening!)

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November 22nd - December 21st

Compassion is always the answer for you. What do you need to extend more towards yourself? Compassion. What will bring healing to the places that need mending? Compassion. What will bridge gaps and bring closure and open new doorways? Compassion. For the human experience. For the roles, we play. For the actions and choices of others. Compassion. This requires you to soften. This asks you to surrender your grievances. It's not always an easy thing to do. It's not something you're always willing to do. But this go-round, it's worth it. You won't be wounded because of it. You'll be set free. It is safe for you to open your heart. It is okay for you to extend your energies at this time. With this compassion comes great strength. You no longer allow those around you to cast experiences upon you. You've found your ground. One that holds true for your whole self. Honor the work you've done at this time both inside and out. Feel your crown resting on your head. This is your queendom. You are ruling with compassion and strength. Own it. Ask yourself, what other ways can I offer more compassion in my life?

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December 22nd - January 19th

Capricorn, get ready to find your flow. You may already be feeling it. Shakin' those haters off. Gliding through your life. Feelin' yourself. Enjoying what you've created more easily than usual. If you're not there yet, know that it's coming. Any perceived obstacles that were standing in your way are being cleared. Start to look at whatever wall that's in front as a new path appearing. You don't have to go through the wall, sometimes you can just walk around to get where you need to go without all the struggle. Know what your priorities are. You can use The Core Values Exercise to help with that if you want. Now is not the time to allow others to keep you silent. Your voice is an important one and the things you feel called to share are valuable and you are worthy of all the experiences you desire. Just don't wait for someone else to hand it to you. Go out and make it happen. You're stronger and more capable than you realize and no one is going to do it as good as you anyways. ::wink wink:: Shake loose some of the seriousness of LIFE and relax. You're doing a great job. Freakin' amazing! Enjoy it.

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