Your Spirit Sparkle Horoscopes


written by Heather & Megan

May 29, 2018
ripeness and illumination

FULL MOON IN sagittarius



January 20th - February 18th

Can you hear adventure calling to you? Can you hear the wild outdoors beckoning for you to come be amongst your familiars? Right now there is a golden opportunity appearing for you. Whatever doors and windows are opening, be sure to walk through them. What is it that you're wanting more of in your life right now? What are some of the things that you can do to support this desire? What are some of the things you need to ask of the people around you? It may not be your favorite thing to rely upon others, but sometimes those people are the ones who can give us exactly what we need. And if not, there's no harm in asking. However, it's important that you make sure you're open to receiving whatever it is you are asking for. It makes no difference if it shows up if you're not willing to allow it into your experience. You might ask yourself - how am I asking for more of something and simultaneously pushing it away from me. Ultimately you have nothing to worry about. Your path is unfolding perfectly. And although you may not be receiving the things you want as quickly as you want them, they are indeed on their way to you. You can trust in that.

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February 19th - March 20th

Pisces, it might have been a while since you let yourself feel creativity rise up within you and flow out of you. Now is the time. Use the energy of Summer that's present to let yourself wander through the vast endlessness of your creative forces. You do not need to have an end in mind for your creative pursuit. Create for the sake of the process. Creativity can look a bunch of different ways. You can certainly get your paints out, or your guitar or you could simply dress in flowing garments, turn on your favorite music, light some candles and as the moon rises in the sky, sway your hips from side to side running your fingers along every inch of your skin. Take time to allow your sensuality, and creativity to unfold under this full moon energy. You need not worry about any of the troubling circumstances in your life. You're stronger than you realize. Your strength and endurance during this time, though it may be uncomfortable, will present you with great reward. Wear your crown on your head. Roll your shoulders back, allow your heart to open, feel your strength rise within you. This kind of strong force, combined with your creative activities is sure to be a fiery, magical revelation. Get uncomfortable, and reunite with yourself.

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March 21st - April 19th

Aries, are you feeling that rumbling inside? The call for something new bubbling within, asking you to turn your head in its direction? Release the stories you hold of irritation for yourself not bringing things to completion. Know that all the past actions you have taken contribute to the greater whole, whether you can connect the dots or not. When you release that shame and blame, you will see that you have arrived, here at this moment. Where you are meant to pull all the pieces together and look at them with fresh eyes. There is a call for you to dare to be adventurous at this time. And there is another element asking you to keep it to yourself. Let this be a quiet revolution that is shared less by you talking about it, and more that others can tell just by witnessing the newness you have stepped into. You can create change. You are following a path of purpose. You can let this come to fruition naturally without all the force. Find that peaceful, calm center within yourself and move from that place. Let the fire come out in the work you do. You have nothing to worry about.

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April 20th - May 20th

Taurus, we know sometimes it's difficult for you to let your imagination wander into the bigger, grander possibilities of all that is available to you. We know that what feels most tangible to you, is what you've committed to here in the 'real world', and the actions you take each day to make life happen. You find that reliable. You can see that happening. As this new chapter of Summer begins for you, we invite you to look at what invitations are presenting themselves. What possibilities have you closed your mind off to, thinking that they weren't meant for you? What places have you closed your heart off, where you could be a little more vulnerable and let some love in? There are Miracles around you all the time. There is never a shortage of them. It's always just about whether or not we are open to receiving them. You don't have to know what miracle you need, you don't have to know how to get it to happen, you just need to be willing and open to the idea that they exist. You might use this affirmation: I am open and willing to receive miracles in my life. You are watched over and guided more than you realize, and the people you love in this life are protected. You have permission to release some of the distress that you hold for the circumstances of this world, so that you may experience more synchronicity in your day-to-day life. Magic is calling you, Taurus. Will you answer?

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May 21st - June 20th

Gemini, you are being asked to step into your heart center right now. To find a deep well of love for the people around you and all of their faults. You to carry your own wounds, it's important that you love them as well. Use this empathy that's showing up and channel it into your creativity. Journal, write songs, do something creative, as you indulge in the fresh energies of Summer. You are ripe with possibilities at this time. Channel any sadness or anger into your creations. You may find yourself in a place where you need to take a leap of faith. You may not have all of the facts, but it's okay to lean into your angels and allow the Earth Energy to support you. You have nothing to worry about, everything is unfolding as it should. This is a very intuitive time for you, where you are leaning into the winds of change and letting Life Force guide you. Your intuition is a powerful tool.

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June 21st - July 22nd

Cancer, there is an effortless stream of receiving available to you now. Remember, this does not have to be hard, you do not have to force your way into the flow. It's time to allow. Everything you need is coming to you. It's already here. Open your arms and your heart and allow it to come pouring in. You have a strong kind of magic within you. Recently you may have tapped into a new found source of inspiration and understanding within yourself. That calm, steady center within you is where the magic is and you're learning now that you conquer anything. You aren't the same person you were a year ago, hell, even a month ago. Wrap yourself in a comfort and delight and know that you have found a new kind of home within yourself and with the people around you that you have chosen for your life. It's a beautiful feeling, love. Enjoy it. Let it blossom into a beautiful Summer.

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July 23rd - August 22nd

Leo, you can trust that when the dust settles everything will be handled in a fair and just manner. It is not your responsibility to make sure that all the pieces are handled fairly. Get a grasp on what is yours and then let the rest go. There is a much larger spectrum of balance and karma than what you can see with your naked eye. Balance is found over lifetimes and more. So do what you can, where you can and know that the rest is handled. You are in a new stage of becoming, blossoming, opening up to new ways of being. Trust in your unfolding. Keep your eyes and heart focused on what's most important to you right now. What is the end goal? What do you want out of this situation? Why are you showing up and doing what you're doing? Where do your values lie? Keep your heart and eyes focused on the same space.

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August 23rd - September 22nd

Virgo, we all know things generally flow best when you are the line leader. It's okay to know this about yourself. There's nothing wrong with being great at orchestrating people. It's a valuable asset. Where you are right now, is going to ask you to be delegating more. You cannot grow and expand in the ways we desire, without leaning into our communities and support systems more. What things do you have on your plate that feel overwhelming? Or maybe they're just things that you haven't come up with an answer to yet? It's time to reach into your bag of resources, and use the people around you to help give you some insights as to what it is you need answers to. Don't forget to ask your Angels, and God for extra support. Every morning and every evening make it a point to call upon them to bring you assistance in whatever way they can. There is no shortage of Angel juju in this world, they're just waiting for you to ask for help. Use them as the resources they are as well. It's also important that you stand your ground at this time. Know where your values are, and follow them tried-and-true. There is always a middle ground that can be found, don't be worried about standing and staying an opposition. All can be resolved with willing parties. If they're unwilling, they aren't meant for you.

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September 23rd - October 22nd

Libra, what chapter is closing for you right now? Maybe you've been in the beginner's phase of something for a little while now, and you can feel yourself stepping into someone who's more versed. You can sense that you have a good grasp on what you're doing, even if you know there's still plenty more to learn. Acknowledge yourself for stepping through this threshold. You are venturing on to the next chapter of your life. It is okay to release that beginner's mentality, and really own up to what it is that you know in these circumstances. It's okay to feel confident, you can do so without being arrogant. You've found your groove! Enjoy it, and find ways to make it even better. Remember to extend a loving, kind mind to everyone around you. Though it may seem as if you know what's going on and other people's lives or minds, you truly never really do.

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October 23rd - November 21st

Scorpio, please do not forget how powerful you are. You, of all the signs, hold this ancient magic inside of you and know just how to use it. You have the energy and stamina to back it. Do not underestimate yourself, or what you're capable of. Do not question the strength that you hold, or your ability to endure pain or suffering in order to answer the call to what your heart is longing for. You can do this. You cannot control how things unravel. You cannot control the circumstances that take place once you let go. But as you do, you will feel your heart declaring YES! Yes to this Freedom. Yes to being unbound. Yes to being awake to all the new possibilities. Take your chains off. You do not need to wallow in despair any longer. Set yourself free. Only you can do this.

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November 22nd - December 21st

Sagittarius, there may be a softer side opening up for you that isn't always easy to reach. It may find you through situations arising that leave you feeling vulnerable and seen. This might make you nervous to know, as you generally prefer observing from the shadows. That's okay. Just know that whenever this window opens up it is your chance to allow your heart to open even more. Tuning into this different, somewhat uncomfortable vibration for you will help your creative center open up. Honor the feelings and experiences that arise in ways that leave you feeling creative. Even if that means cleaning, rearranging, or getting crafty. You may feel resistant and even distrusting of what is happening, but know that is contributing to your physical awakening. Let it flow. Trust this process. See where it takes you.

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December 22nd - January 19th

Capricorn, make it your mission these days to be in a constant state of awareness where you are choosing things that bring you more peace and calm. This doesn't haven't to be the most peaceful state of mind you've ever been in, but a level up from wherever you're at at the moment. Make it the most important thing in your life. Release the pieces of your life where you're grasping too tightly, trying to control the outcome and circumstances. Say yes where it feels good, no when it doesn't - and allow the pieces to fall where they may. When you try to contain and control all the pieces, you lose out on the experience of magic and miracles. You can have boundaries without controlling all the variables. Besides, that kind of control is only an illusion that causes you more anxiety anyway. Peace can be yours, you just have to choose it. There is a huge message coming through for you right now that you have NOTHING to worry about. Be assured that you are being guided and looked after by both your heavenly team and your Earth Angels.

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