Your Spirit Sparkle Horoscopes


written by Heather & Megan

January 31, 2018
ripeness and illumination




January 20th - February 18th

You’ve left your seeds in the ground and your patience is being rewarded. Though it may have been trying at times, you’ve stayed committed to your path and the Full Moon is bringing you waves of bounty because of it.

Do not forget the importance of sharing your bounty with others. Whether monetary, energetically, or otherwise. Use what you have to be of contribution to those around you. When you connect in the spirit of giving, you connect with the essence of Spirit itself.

What desires or experiences did you call in that didn’t manifest? What are you left wondering about? It’s time to get clear on what it is you’re really wanting. This is a time of “asking and receiving” for you. Know what it is you’re really asking for.

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February 19th - March 20th

This is a time of collecting information for you. There will be opportunities for insecurities to arise, it would behoove you to take an objective stance at this time. To observe and collect knowledge about the experience, yourself, and the other people involved. Though it may be your natural nature to respond from your current, present emotional state - try to take a more reserved stance at this time.

From this objective place you can find more acceptance of the current situation. Acceptance does not mean that you’re okay with what is occurring, but it does mean you are no longer in denial about what is so. This is an opportunity for your heart to awaken with Divine love. Be sure to show up in the relationships around you as much as the other person is showing up for you. It’s important to not take on the role of the victim at this time, look for where your compassion and power lies instead.

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March 21st - April 19th

On this Full Moon there is a coming together of two halves. This may be with you and a partner, or could be speaking to you and a version of yourself that you’ve been disconnected from and are now returning to. It is okay for you to be vulnerable now. For you to show your heart. This may not be the easiest thing to do, as you usually carry your guard up. But letting those walls fall away at this moment proves to provide you with the kind of love you’ve been seeking. Remember to ask for what it is you’re wanting. Most people are not able to read your mind. After you ask, be willing to receive. The answer to your request may not look how you assumed it might, but the experience of what presents itself to you will indeed meet the emotional need of your request. It’s time to let go of control here for a moment and open up to receive what it is you’re needing from those around you. It’s safe for you to do so.

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April 20th - May 20th

Your optimism is warranted at this time. You may be feeling alive with the fire of excitement or motivation. You may feel like you have the Midas touch. Use this powerful energy that is present to move forward with some of the intentions you’ve set for yourself. Clear away the unnecessary and unwanted distractions you’ve been housing that are merely a waste of your time and energy.

You may feel like you’re coming out of a space of laziness. Welcome back to the world! The Winter brought you a period of hibernation. Now you can move into the Spring as it approaches with a warm heart and a focused mind. What is it that you’re wanting right now? Make it clear and known to yourself and the Heavens. Your life is awakening in a new way at this time. Notice the places where there may be an imbalance of your giving and receiving energies. It’s time to cut the cords from those energy vampires whether relationships, projects, thought patterns or otherwise. There is good work to be done!

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May 21st - June 20th

You are firmly planted. You have strong roots. Utilize the nature around you. Allow what is not yours to move on when it is ready. Release control.

On this Full Moon you may find yourself firmly grounded into the Earth and if you are not, know that this experience is available to you. Go outside, place your bare feet on the ground, and let the soil run through your fingers. You can awaken this grounded feeling within you now with great ease. Allow this energy of Mother Earth to move through you and inspire and awaken new energies within yourself. This is not something you have to reach very far for at this time.

In fact, you can very easily have your feet anchored onto and into the planet AND allow the world and the mysteries of the universe to move around you with the divine, flowing essence of water. You may naturally embrace the unknown with a flowing heart, but at this time it is almost as if you are dancing with the ways of the world that are unseen by the eye. You are, or have the opportunity to be tuned in, turned on, and loved up.

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June 21st - July 22nd

Use your light to illuminate the path for others. We all have a unique path, but still there is a universal rhythm and current that envelops this world. Make choices aligned with the common good and highest good for all.

Have you been having vivid dreams lately? In your dreams, are you seeing people you’ve never seen before? Or perhaps someone from your past that you haven’t thought of in ages? Maybe your dreams have been really far out there? Maybe your dreams have been more in the waking sense. Longing for lives unlived, ideas yet to manifest, desires coming to fruition, but slowly.

While residing in this current, dreamy state, it’s okay to be a bit lazy. When you go about your day, try not to be mad at yourself for not having more energy. Or frustrated that ‘you just can’t seem to make it around to that to-do’. Everything has its place and Diving timing. It would benefit you more to move from a place of compassion and trust. Magic must unfold naturally. You cannot force progress. It stems from tiny moments of accumulated focus and dedication. Soon you will move into another rhythm. But for now, let go, find the flow, and sync/sink into your heart.

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July 23rd - August 22nd

Watch the pieces with love as they are unfolding. New strategies will be presented to you in unexpected ways. It’s time to get clear on priorities and where focus is. You will still be heard and valued if you let your walls down. You can trust yourself. You are safe.

Imagine your life is chess board. The different people, circumstances, and happenings are your pieces. You know where your piece stands. How do you want to maneuver around what is so in order to attain the experience you desire? How are elements of your desires already present within your current circumstances? Take note! What you focus on grows. Use what you know and your surroundings to help you get clear and stay focused on your next move towards what it is you want.

Though communication may not be your preferred avenue of expression, right now, what it is that you’re wanting calls for you to verbally request your needs. Those around you love you and desire to support you. It’s your job to let them know what it is you want. Even if you do not know what it is you want, you do know how you want to be feeling. Let them know this. Any embarrassment you feel will soon be washed away by the feeling of having your needs met. Release your shield and share. Love awaits.

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August 23rd - September 22nd

Up until this point you have been existing in the world under and cloak of repression and self-sabotage. Holding in your heart, all that you desire and letting your actions and fears keeping you from embracing it’s arrival. Though you may have released yourself from this prison in small ways over the years, the hidden piece of this iceberg has remained under the surface and is now in the process of showing itself to you.

All of these experiences of self-sabotage that have been with you up until now stem from your shadow-self that has seemed, at times to be holding you underwater, away from the air you so desperately desire to be breathing. Over the last several months freedom has found you. New ways of relating to the shadowy parts of yourself have appeared. And that cloak of weight and shame is releasing. You can feel it, can’t you?

By doing this, you have allowed yourself to tap into the power of your Shadow Queen. You have let any negative connotation of her presence leave you and are now able to embrace the gifts she is bringing you. How did you do this, you ask? By keeping your intention and attention focused on what you’re wanting. By taking constant dedicated actions toward your targeted intention. By allow God to rise to the occasion of answering your prayers. Good work, Virgo. Keep it up. Rewards will continue to arrive.

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September 23rd - October 22nd

No need to take a pause. The answers are coming to you clearly. Trust yourself, you know what to do.

Libra, you might be finding yourself in a state of balance at the moment. Each of the areas of your life are being stimulated and interacted with. You may be enjoying that state of calm and excitement that is present at this time. Being in the equilibrium of consciousness at this time, you will find that your intuition is heightened. That signs, synchronicities, and answers to questions you’ve been asking are finding you with great ease. Trust in the flow of this moment. Trust what you are seeing and feeling. It is true. It is real. It is yours to receive.

It is time for you to amplify the light you are feeling within. Share your cheerful demeanor with others and let more love find you. You have an open heart at this time and new experiences, some much awaited, are finding you now.

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October 23rd - November 21st

There is always a pause before action. The flow allowing for discernment. No action doesn't always mean frozen, as long as the pause doesn't stem from fear of what to do, but from a place of needing to get clear on the route to take. Use this time to nurture yourself and hear what your body, mind, and intuition have to share.

You may feel like some of what you’re wanting to move forward with is moving slow as molasses. But do not mistake this slow moving manifestation nature as the same thing you’ve experienced in the past. You know what it is you want like never before. You can trust that when the timing is right you will do what needs to be done to receive. You are simultaneously in the knowing that everything has its Divine timing and waiting for those moments to arrive is just as important as desiring something in the first place.

You are in a different space. This is not the past. Trust yourself. Move forward with confidence and know that it is okay to keep an emotional distance from certain people at this time. Do not let yourself become so cut off that you are not receiving love and attention from anyone. But be careful of who you allow into your circle at this time because your energy is sensitive and it’s important that you honor that. You are in the process of tearing everything down so that you may rebuild again. OR you have just come out of a period of tearing it all down and are now in the beginning stages of assembling your foundation.

You’re doing great. It’s all a process. Keep your eyes on your own paper, your truth spoken clearly and your heart open to receive and feel all of the things. It’s why we’re here, after all.

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November 22nd - December 21st

Moving from a place of truth, your truth. Not past conditioning, blocks move out of the way. You are safe. The soil you have built on is well chosen. Continue to plant and watch the growth before you. Let go of what no longer serves. You are protected, there is no need for barriers.

On this Full Moon you can’t help but be made aware of the fine details of the happenings of your life. It’s not unusual for you to have an awareness of these details, but it is important for you use discernment when looking at what appears. Do not take on happenings as your own. Look at it. Study it. Consider it before you take it on. Is it something you want to house within your well of truths, or is it not meant for you? You get to decide. With this objectivity, you are able to mentally sweep clean your path, so that only the highest vibrating awareness may reside there. You begin to take on the book of your life with a new seriousness and value like never before. Boosting your ability to create the change you desire.

Use this Full Moon to shine light on the places you are ready and willing to discard or let go. At this time the cords that have tethered you to old experiences, patterns, familial wounds are all being cut. See Archangel Michael and his brilliant sword severing the attachment you have to the realms you are releasing.

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December 22nd - January 19th

Capricorn, you are not the only sign who has some familial healing going on right now. Consider that all the souls who have come before you carry with them, a wound. The wounds that are not healed get passed down to their children and those we touch, if our individual soul says yes to keep it as our own. Once you gain the awareness that you are carrying something that is not wanted, whether you see it as your own, or as someone else's, you have the power to become willing to release it. Do not shoulder this burden any longer.

On this Full Moon, decide “I am willing to release this wound I carry. I desire to let it go. I no longer want this to be my story.” Release your hands of it. Let it leave your body, mind, and soul. God and the Angels are here to help you.

As you do this you are severing the cords and attachments you have to anything that is not meant for you. If you have sage, use that to say a blessing around yourself and to help this energy move on.

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