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Guided Meditation

Thursday, December 7th
7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Join us for a relaxing guided meditation class. Ease into the world of your imagination as you breathe deep to receive and let go. It's basically story time for adults. You'll leave feeling peaceful, connected and in your knowing. 


Sacred Sunday

Sunday, December 17th
10:00 am - 11:30 am

Gather round in circle with us to ground, share, and call in love as we bear witness to one another and the lives we desire to create and the women we are becoming. We bring the space and oracle cards. You bring your Self.

Nicki Young Yoga Your Spirit Sparkle


Saturday, December 30th
2:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Join us on the cusp of the New Year to create our 2018 vision boards together! We will have plenty of supplies: magazines, scissors, glue, glitter, boards for gluing on, other miscellaneous crafty things.

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I once heard “When you pray, you are speaking to God. When you meditate, God is speaking to you”. Until recently, I was always talking to or at God. Through guided meditation with Megan, I have begun to allow God to speak to and through me.

The first night I attended YSS I had recently experienced a tragic event and was overwhelmed with worry and sadness. After my first meditation session with Megan as our guide, I felt a cosmic energy I hadn’t felt before. I was able to release heavy emotions that were weighing me down. I left feeling lighter and relieved.

Since then, I have attended guided meditation with Megan on a regular basis (last three months). As we begin each meditation, I am fully present. I allow my mind, body, and spirit to surrender. Through Megan’s calm and loving voice, I relax and find my breath. With each inhaling breath I am accepting something positive, nurturing, healing. With each exhale I am letting go of negative emotions, thoughts, things that no longer serve purpose in my life and journey.

The experience of consistent meditation has been more than relaxing, it has been changing me at such a deep and profound level. When I first began meditating with Megan it was like I wasn’t realizing my spiritual tank was running on empty. Each session was as if I was filling myself up with a graceful fuel. Everyday life would leave me a bit depleted and I eagerly anticipated filling up again at our next meditation session. Over time I rarely feel depleted from session to session. It is as if I am filling myself up and putting it reserve for myself to use as needed and to share with others. I am filling up with bliss, hope, understanding, peacefulness, happiness…love.

In such a short time I have been able to find clarity, strength, and motivation to set and achieve goals. I have always had intuitive abilities, and they are becoming more heightened by my meditation experiences. I get excited to think about all of the possibilities that are unlocking. I am accepting and finding the beauty in the life I have, while optimistically moving towards the life that I want.

If you find yourself here, needing a change, wanting a change, considering meditation, it is not by accident. There is no such thing as a coincidence. Allow Spirit to speak to you, follow your heart…let Your Spirit Sparkle!
— Jennifer Valdez