Tarot vs. Oracle

Tarot vs. Oracle

Photo by Alyece Nicole Photography

Photo by Alyece Nicole Photography

Hey! Let's chat a bit about the difference between tarot cards and oracle cards. We get this question a lot when guests visit our shop and we wanted to give you the scoop on our perception.

Know that this is an opinion piece. These thoughts are based on our own experience and not any kind of traditional study. If you do some more research beyond this post, I'm sure you'll find a ton more information on one vs the other.


Photo by Dee Hill Photography

Photo by Dee Hill Photography

Tarot cards seem to get a bad rap because let's face it, sometimes they can be scary and confronting. There have been many stories, I'm sure we've all heard them, or know someone who knows someone who got a tarot reading one time from a friend's aunt and she said some terrifying things and years later it all came true. 

Have you also heard of the Law of Attraction? How about "what you focus on grows"? Many of the dramas of our life can be traced back to self-fulfilling prophecies, fears we hold within ourselves. A manifestation. That's why it's important to do the emotional work and not just shove it down and away and in the dark. Because guess what - it won't go away. 

Remember that no matter the modality; oracle practice has everything to do with the intention of the person behind the cards and much less to do with the modality itself.

So, what it is that we love about tarot cards is the amount of depth and insight they can provide into a particular topic. While we don't use a traditional oracle card deck, we do use Angel Tarot cards from Doreen Virtue and Megan loves The Goddess Tarot she received as a gift from a friend that was the FIRST EVER deck she received! 

Typically, when you have a tarot deck it comes to you in suits. The tradional suits are staves, pentacles, cups, and swords. But other decks like The Archangel Power Cards have suites created by the Angels and their pairing colors. So you see, there are many different kinds of tarot cards. Each deck is unique to it's creator. 

Also - many people who practice using a traditional tarot deck find any other unexceptable and not at all the same as other tarot and especially not oracle decks. 


Photo by Alyece Nicole Photography

Photo by Alyece Nicole Photography

We started our oracle card using with many of Doreen Virtue's creations. We even had the opportunity to take her Angel Card Reader certification program in Austin when we saw her speak at the Hay House I Can Do It! conference. So much fun! 

One of the differences between Oracle and Tarot cards is that oracle cards have fewer rules and regulations. Different deck have a varying amount of cards. Some only contain images and no words. Others are mostly words with fewer images. Some have prayers, affirmations, or instructions for inspired action. 

No matter the content of the oracle deck, what they do always seem to provide is an opportunity to shine Light on your life to find some direction and glimmer of hope. 

Though this may not apply to ALL oracle card decks, it does seem like most of the oracle decks we've come across keep the conversations simple and to the point. 


Tarot vs. Oracle

Both oracle and tarot decks often have a book with them that provides you with a deeper interpretation of the cards you pull. In the books there are often suggested spreads you can use that show you how to pull a full spread for yourself where each card reflects an answer to something specific. 

Finding an oracle or tarot deck that is right for you is an intuitive process. It is common practice to allow your first deck to be a gift. But if you just can't wait for that to happen, we recommend visiting HayHouse.com to browse their selection of cards. Let your eyes be drawn to a deck that seems to light you up and feed your soul.

No matter which route you go, remember that your intentions are what matters most. How you use the information the cards provide matters. Practice compassion, forgiveness, and love as you play with your cards and share them with others.

Should you happen to have a deck you acquire that doesn't quite jive with you, pass it along to a friend that might enjoy it. Or, if you'd like you can mail it into us and we will share it with our guests in our Sacred Sunday circle. We would be very grateful: 

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Leave us a comment below: we'd love to hear more about your Tarot vs. Oracle card using preferences, beliefs, and knowledge.

  • What are your thoughts on Tarot vs Oracle?

  • Did we miss any points on the difference between the two?

  • How do you use the two differently, or which do you prefer in general?

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