Stop Pushing Against

Stop Pushing Against

In our recent explorations of doing our best not to compare ourselves, our lives, or our business journey to anyone else's - we found huge ground for personal acceptance that we are not among the population of progressive go-getters, who actively set goals and achieves them in what seems like the blink of an eye.


We pursue things slowly. We sometimes stray from our goals and return to them days, months, or even years later. We slowly cultivate a relationship with the language of our body, and the essence of our soul, and the rhythm of how we desire to move amongst the world over long periods of time that sometimes feel like the fastest transition, and other times.. feels like it never comes soon enough.

We are dreamers and we like to float on the air more than we prefer to tread the ground. We feel our way through life with our heart and our gut, even though it's been tricky because we had to learn how to trust ourselves again (and are still sometimes learning).

We know the struggle of finding a new way is still more fulfilling than the sacrifices we'd have to make doing it how we thought we were "suppose to".

The problem is that even though logically, we are aware of all of this - there is still an energetic binding that we are learning to let go of. We have to stop making our process wrong. It does not matter how long it takes you, only that you pursue what it is that is calling to you. The angst and anger we carry around towards ourselves for having not yet “figured it out” or gotten to the top of the mountain you’ve been climbing for what feels like eons, is exactly what keeps you from receiving it.

And so, similar patterns, habits, and beliefs arise.

Moving slowly is not the same as standing still.

artwork by  Lori-Lyn Hurley

artwork by Lori-Lyn Hurley

If you've been pushing against... Trying to force something into being... Going about finding an experience you desire in a way that doesn't feel good, just because you feel like it's what you “should be doing”... If you're tired of waiting around for what it is you want to FINALLY arrive...

You're not alone. There are thousands of us out here who feel this way on every spectrum of the scale. From once a month, to every hour of every day. We all have the same lesson to learn.

We can't be holding onto this so tightly with such great attachment to how we want to be experiencing it so badly and it's just not here yet. “And when is it going to be here? And will it ever get here? And why am I so stupid?” etc...

Those thoughts are not a vibrational match for what you are calling in. So, of course, it isn't here yet. How could it be? You're so clearly dedicated to it not arriving. Energetically, at least. When you won’t let go of energy of “not having it yet” it has no room to make its way to you. So, now what?

Let go.

I know what you're thinking though, “Oh - let go. That's SO EASY to say! Just ‘let go!’ Pftt. I’ve been trying my whole life to let it go!”

We feel ya. And We get it. But at some point you have to really try to hand it ALL over, right? I mean, you've been feeling this way for how long? Wouldn’t it be nice to at least be open to the idea of something being able to shift and be different?

We want to help you give it a go. There is a breathing technique Megan uses in her meditation classes that truly creates the experience of energetically letting go. She's recorded it for you, so you can try it out for yourself here.

Enjoy, and remember, there needs to be space within you and around you for something new to come in. Stop placing so much pressure on yourself to get it right and get it right now. Your journey may be a slow, savory, delicious one and you're letting yourself miss out on the all the morsels along the way.

Because whenever you arrive, wherever it is you're going, you're not going to be upset that you finally were able to experience what you desired for so long. You're going to be angry at yourself for existing in a state of unforgiveness or guilt, while it took it’s time getting to you.

So, let go. Your future self will thank you and you're not giving anything you want up; you're making space, so it has the opportunity to find you.

♥ Heather & Megan

PS. This is not a one and done type deal. This recording is here to show you a practice you can use over and over again whenever the feelings of urgency, angst, or pushing against show up for you.

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