Oracle Reading: The Unknown

Mary Magdalene

Hey Honey,
Have you been feeling those pieces rise up inside of you, calling you to step into your power in new and possibly unexpected ways? Do yourself a favor and listen. You may feel a bit afraid, or nervous, or apprehensive, but know this - whatever the end result is that will find you is not what you thought.

At this stage in your journey, it is impossible for you to fathom what the end of this path might look like. There are so many moving and changing variables and not to mention - free will. 

But don't let not knowing stop you. Take the steps that are before you now in this moment. Do the small things. The seemingly pointless steps that reside in your mind and follow where they lead with curiosity, integrity, and readiness. Live in the mystery. Embrace the unknown. 

Let the freedom you've been wanting come to find you. But take the first step even if the ones that follow are unclear. 

It's okay. You're doing great. Keep at it. 
♥ Heather and Megan