We're Expanding! NOW HIRING

We're Expanding! NOW HIRING

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Attention, friends of Your Spirit Sparkle 👭✨ We have news!

We are looking for a second cosmologist to join us this February, along with Katie Durham Beckett in the salon side of our space, 114 North Dallas Street #EnnisTX ♥

We are also open to sharing this space with someone in a different industry or field who would be an appropriate fit for the space. Now we'll be bringing you Sparkle and beauty - body, mind, and hair 💇 If you think you would be a good fit or have an inkling about joining us, let's chat!

Some of the services we currently offer are massage therapy, beginners yoga, guided meditation, women's circles, oracle card readings, mental and emotional support, and most recently, hair artistry.

Booth rental is $600 paid at the beginning of each month and we do require you to sign a lease, but the term of the lease is negotiable.

Who we're looking for:

  • if you enjoy the work that you do

  • if you are inspired by uplifting others

  • if you enjoy being in an environment that feels good

  • if you're wanting more community and alignment

  • if you're ready for a change

  • if you want in on the changes coming downtown

  • if your soul is asking you for something, but you're not sure where to begin...

Start here. With us.

If you found yourself saying yes to all of this, send us a message. I want to connect with you to see if we are a good fit for one another. I'm happy to answer any questions you may have.

❤ Megan Monique Lewis



Meet Megan Monique

Meet Megan Monique