Full Moon in Virgo Horoscopes

Full Moon in Virgo Horoscopes

Full Moon in Virgo Horoscopes

Hello Friends!

Happy Full Moon in Virgo to you, dear.

These Full Moon vibes bring you the opportunity to tie up loose ends, make a plan, and get moving forward on those dreams of yours. It’s likely that now, some of the perceived obstacles you’ve faced have either moved out of the way or changed form and feel more managable for you to tackle. Don’t let this energy pass you by. It’s the perfect time to look at what is before you as the beginning of something great - a splendid new chapter is unfolding for you!

Below, you will find your horoscope for this month’s Full Moon in a new format. The elements are speaking to me these days.

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♥ Megan


Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo

Remember that the other person does not have to agree with you or see your side of things for you to still choose for yourself. It is okay for everyone to see through a different lens and you can still find a place of harmony, even if the other person can’t quite come over to your side of things. There is a healing within the feminine/mother side of the self happening right now. Allow yourself to soften. Hold your boundaries with love. Take nothing personally. Things you once thought were true, you can see now how they are not. This does not make the past a lie. It just means that you have gained a new awareness and understanding. Use this to your advantage rather than your detriment. Love is all around you. You are oozing with obvious worth and value inside and out. Recognize what is here before you at this time. It is meant for you to savor.


Aquarius, Gemini, Libra

There is something potent calling to you at the moment. It is clear. It is big. It is pulling at your heart strings. You may be in a position where you don’t even have the option to ignore this call. Life may be propelling forward. Or the pull may be a more subtle voice beckoning from within. Either way - you know it’s there. You know what it’s asking for. If you can see the path and plan before you, take it now. If you it’s unclear, lean into the people you know who can make the map more tangiable. Know to that with every step you take, the path shifts a bit. It’s impossible to know what the end result will look like. What matters is that you take the steps in front of you and stay as present as possible for them. Each moment holds its own gift for you. It’s not really ever about the grand finale, but the journey taken along the way. That’s not just some saying. It’s the truth. You know this.


Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

You may feel like you’re hitting some road blocks where before there were none. Do not take this a sign of heading in the wrong direction. Instead, consider that course correction is happening for you. Do what you can to focus on how it is you want to feel, rather than what it is that is irritating you or bothering you. Though material illusions maybe trying to convince you that something is wrong here, it is actually the opposite. You are right where you need to be. You are doing what you need to be doing. But there are some mental and emotional adjustments that can be made so that you may better attune to the frequencies of receiving. “Ask and you shall receive” - the guides say. But ask not for specific material illusions. Instead, “I want to feel satisfied, full, and resting in gratitude. Bring me experiences that are a vibrational match to this experience. Amen.” There are some old pieces and energy from the past releasing from your experience now. Continue to shake them loose. You are safe. All is well. Clean up your mental and energetic space the best you can, using whatever methods work best for you.


Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio

The life you see before is likely not the one you had in mind 10 years ago, 5 years ago, or hell - perhaps even 6 months ago. That is okay. You have not done anything wrong. There is no one way our lives are suppose to look. We are the ones who get to decide that. It is our responsibility to change the things that don’t feel good or in alignment with what it is we’re wanting for ourselves. And you know what, even when we do that, the path we end up taking doesn’t always actually provide us with what it is we thought we wanted. Step back from what you think you know about yourself and life at the moment into an objective space. Look at all of the beautiful pieces in existence. The unexpected blessings. The surprises. The unknowns that ended up filling your heart in ways you didn’t intend on. It’s okay for you to let go of what you thought you knew, or how you thought it had to be so that you can embrace what is actually before you right now. You have permission. It is okay to love your life. It is okay to let certain people and experiences and beliefs go. Life is not a one style fits all kind of deal. Old karma is releasing. Healing is taking place. Allow.

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