Full Moon in Capricorn

Full Moon in Capricorn

The Full Moon is upon us! Arriving Sunday, July 9th, resting in Capricorn.

Do you have any plans to celebrate? Or rituals you like to host? Maybe something simple like lighting a candle and saying a prayer. Or possibly you have a fire and circle round with some of your friends. Maybe you clean the whole house!

In whatever way you're engaging with the upcoming Full Moon, we hope you find joy and peace in your celebrations. 

In the meantime, we wanted to offer up a little bit of oracle and astrological insight (from Kelly Jo at Intuitive Astrology from the Heart) for this sacred moon phase.

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This card is from Colette Baron-Reid's  The Wisdom of Avalon  Oracle cards.

This card is from Colette Baron-Reid's The Wisdom of Avalon Oracle cards.

(5) The Novice - innocence, beginner, ignorance, new skill without practice, unstable curiosity.

"Capricorn teaches and excels at discipline, and therefore completion. Any task Capricorn completes can be tested by time, credibility earned, with standards of mastery made real. Capricorn builds traditions and standards, the teacher archetype creates the traditions and standards we choose to embody and those which we can let go." via Intuitive Astrology from the Heart

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being new at something. This card invites us to look at the places in our lives where we are only just beginning something. We might be at the early stages of building a business, starting a new healthy or positive habit, or we might be at the beginning of living life with a new-found spiritual understanding. 

In a lot of ways, we feel like we are always, every day, a novice. Each moment brings new circumstances and feelings. Even if they are familiar, because they have shown themselves before, you in this very moment are brand new. You are not the same as you were even 5 minutes ago. Every time we take a breathe, we have an opportunity to begin again.

There is nothing wrong with being new to something. Your power lies in owning and claiming that space.

The brilliant thing about being new, is that there are a surplus of experienced individuals who have come before you that you can gain wisdom from.

By watching those around us we can learn how we do or don't want to operate inside of our business, relationships, or lives. We can go to those who we respect and trust for advice or perspective. And then from that point, we get to choose what works best for us as individuals. Because no one path is alike. 

This card paired with the Full Moon in Capricorn reminds us to stay on our path. Keep our eyes focused on what it is we want to create and ultimately - stick with it and be patient! It takes time for things to come to fruition, but it's already all falling into place perfectly. Release your attachments to what you think things should look like and find acceptance and appreciation for exactly what is so. Here, you will find freedom.

"Bringing practical steps into creating discipline in areas where the motivation to complete or start a project, a new routine (which is similar to a tradition), or even making a decision to move forward with a relationship or job, is going to be coming into the spotlight of the Capricorn Full Moon Sunday, July 9th.

Capricorn’s pure energy (ego free) is all about the discipline to move through all the steps necessary to complete the goal or project. The results of this energy’s efforts will stand the test of time because the passion behind the momentum of the physical action steps involved during the process are in complete alignment with the divine source energy/guidance. Embrace the grounding energy of Capricorn to have the discipline to be full present and an active participant in your life!" via Intuitive Astrology from the Heart

This card is from Colette Baron-Reid's  The Wisdom of Avalon  Oracle cards.

This card is from Colette Baron-Reid's The Wisdom of Avalon Oracle cards.

(7) The Bard - Music, poetry, myth, history, the enchantment of story telling.

"Capricorn also teaches responsibility. Responsibility is not the same as judgement or comparison! Responsibility is a continuous practice in discipline to pursue your goals, intentions, dreams, or bring ideas into physical manifestation. Capricorn is an earth sign, very grounded in practicality, and leading the way to success in our physical/earth bound lives." via Intuitive Astrology from the Heart

We LOVE this card mixed with what Kelly Jo had to say astrologically speaking. The universe has such a brilliant sense of humor. The message here is..

It's time to stop pointing fingers. Take responsibility for the stories you're telling! 

Our perception of the world interprets how we feel about the things we experience. Most of us operate as though the way we perceive and believe are solidified, unchanging variables. We are who we are. The end. 

Wrong! We are creatures in a constant state of change. We have the ability to shift out of the experiences we have on repeat when we are ready and willing. We are able to call in to us, what it is we desire through space and time, right to our very presence. 

The stories that we're telling, where we place our attention and focus, what we choose to talk about, how we spend the time in our head, how we spend our physical energy - it all plays a role in forming the world that we see around us. 

Do you like what you see? Are there places you'd like to clean up and boost in integrity? Are there some complaints you've been swimming that you'd like to instead, begin receiving solutions for? 

It is time to take responsibility for the world you are creating with your stories and begin again.

Here's the important part..

You can't be mad or mean to yourself for not doing this sooner. 

Right now is the perfect moment for you to move forward on your journey of realignment. There is no power in anger. No opportunity for you to be lifted up and healed. It's okay. It doesn't even really matter that you haven't "gotten there" or "figured it out by now".

It's irrelevant. Because here you are right now in THIS moment, waking up to what is possible for you. And from this point, everything is available to you.

"Take a moment and just breath… Responsibility is not the same as judgement or comparison! Breath in a new tradition of understanding that responsibility is a practice in discipline to accomplish your purpose. The determination to take responsibility for your action steps to accomplish your purpose is always at your own pace, which will stand the test of time. Breath out comparing yourself to how everyone else’s progress appears on the outside. Stay focused on your own accomplishments…Capricorn doesn’t have time for distractions." via Intuitive Astrology from the Heart

This photo was taken by  Alyece Nicole Photography .

This photo was taken by Alyece Nicole Photography.

Hello There! 

We are Heather and Megan and the image of us above was taken in our local Your Spirit Sparkle space in the heart of historic downtown Ennis, Texas.

We love our little shop and all the fun things we get to do with it. Most recently, Heather has been seeing regular clients for her integrative massage practice and Megan recently started hosting her Peace in my Mind coaching sessions. On Saturdays, at 10 am, Nicki Young leads us all in a Restorative Yin Yoga class. It's all very relaxing and enjoyable. 

We made some time in the few days before this upcoming Full Moon to create personalized oracle readings for 15 women, who feel called to receive messages from their guides in this way. The spots fill up fast, so if this is calling to you, answer now

If you would like to receive daily inspiration via text message, we offer a service called Divine Minded-Messages where we connect you with oracle messages, tips for clearing and protecting your energy, bringing healing to your relationships, and more. Learn more here.

Thank you for sharing this Full Moon in Capricorn with us. We are grateful to have you here. ♥

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