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Happy August! Just like that, it's August. Amazing, the illusion of time. Never ceases to wake us up a little. Jolts the senses. In the beginning of the year, we started sharing our Business Reviews and well, we fell off. Not for lack of wanting or trying.

Sharing these reviews felt valuable to us and from what we remember, you really liked them too. So here we are!

What We Learned

Paying the Rent

After being in business at our new location for almost a year, paying more than we've ever paid in rent and utilities, it is clear to us that our business is like no one else's. Not only is the business itself unique, but the way in which we desire to run it is different too. AND.. we've never done any of this before. We're just figuring it out along the way. What feels good.. what doesn't.

Every month is different and we're learning to embrace the change and flow, instead of feeling like we're doing something wrong, because our revenue doesn't come through in the same ways/consistency as we perceive other businesses do. 

Perception is a funny thing.

We love our clients and we love our town, and we are ready and willing to show up and serve. But not at the cost of time with our family. Or rushing and pushing against to make a buck. 

We don't want to hustle so that "one day" we can take a vacation. We want the entirety of our lives to feel good to us, including the way in which we work. We're in it for the marathon, not the sprint.


At the beginning of the year, we made a plan through July for classes and offerings and wishes for the space. About a month into it, it was clear we were going to go off course a bit.

The things we had mapped out no longer felt appropriate for the time we were trying to implement them. 

Classes we scheduled ahead of time had little to no attendance when they arrived. And still, it all fell into place and served us in the moment in the way it needed to. But as the year rolled on, it became obvious that what has and will always work for us is looking at things month by month. Visioning what feels good to us for the next 30 days. 

Not that we don't address the bigger picture. We do. But then, we put it down and come into the moment with what is present. This works for us, and you, it seems.



Megan filled up her first Peace in my Mind coaching semester! She is working closely with 5 women over a 3-month period of time, helping them to move into greater alignment with themselves and Spirit. The next semester will be open for enrollment in October. 


Heather has established a steady stream of clientele that she loves. It has become apparent to her that what she wants is to gift each client with an experience of love and nurturing. When you make an appointment with her, you're not just getting a massage - you're coming home to your body in a space that loves you back.

Paying the Bills

We're paying our bills! LOL. But seriously. We were joking the other day, because we know a lot of people who admire what we're doing and want to be doing the same, or pursuing some sort of business creation.

It seems a lot of times, people think it takes some special sort of person to own your own business. But really, it just takes someone who's willing to do the work. To keep showing up and figuring it all out. And above all else, pay the bills. If you can figure out how to pay rent and utilities for a space, you too can have your own small physical business too! And for us, it is a relatively small pricetag for the freedom and flexibility of having a home base to preform our array of services, offerings, and business mapping. 

Creating channels to pay the bills is an honor we're grateful to have.

What We're Moving Towards

We love answering this question daily, weekly, monthly, yearly. "What are you moving towards?" is another way of asking, "What is your intention? What are you creating? What are you allowing into your life right now?"

Fine Tuning the Space

We are moving towards refining and filling up the experience that is Your Spirit Sparkle. We want those who come to the space to feel welcome, at home, at ease, and have everything they need to feel supported. We'll be implementing little things throughout the month and the rest of the year to make your experience with us feel more intimate and whole. 


We've explored a few different ways of creating an automated stream of revenue, so that we are less dependent on classes, the shop, and massage to pay the rent. Our Divine-Minded Messages is one of these ventures. We'll be releasing another one soon we're calling The Spiritual Care Package.

It will be a tangible gift that will be mailed to you once a month, including a printed, book-like personalized oracle reading and an accumulation of spiritual tools you can use to support what your reading presents. Such as smudging wands, stones, sacred jewelry, books, oracle decks, and much more! 

We're really looking forward to this offering, because it gives us a chance to create something with our hands out of love and send it over to you. Plus - snail mail - come on! Everyone loves getting a surprise gift in the mail. 


Over the 3 years we've been doing this kind of work, it has become clear to us that what works best, with what we have to offer, and what our guests/clients enjoy most is intimacy. We aren't interested in having a jam-packed room.

We want space and cozy vibes. We want you to feel safe, loved, attended to and held. We are shifting our focus on creating more of this environment. 

Limited space in classes and offerings. More tools and resources available to support you and what you're experiencing in your life right now. One-on-one time. Love. Things may not end up looking that different on the outside, but on the inside, we are fine-tuning everything. ♥

In Conclusion

We're grateful for you being here and being a part of our journey in whatever way you are; being a witness, joining classes, courses, massage, coaching, conversation - wherever you find yourself in connection to us, we are grateful.

♥ Heather & Megan


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New Moon in Pisces: 3 Card Draw

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