Moon Journal Calendar & Mood Tracker System

We’ve all heard the phrase, “keep your eyes on your own paper” or “the grass isn’t always greener on the other side”. But with all of our social activity, both online and off, it can be difficult to build a wall in your mind where yours is yours and theirs is theirs. At times it can feel impossible not to compare our life to those around us.

Especially when something from their experience triggers an awareness of lack within our own.

In 2017 I started approaching how I used my planner differently. I didn't know it at the time, but the plannering I was doing was helping me learn to keep my eyes on my own paper. I also started putting my self-learned astrology understandings to use.

I began looking at my behavior as a thing to get to know and understand, rather than something to be ashamed or afraid of. I started becoming more aware of my triggers, personalities, impulses, and rhythms by becoming an observer of them through plannering.

Then, on my chicken painted wall calendar, I began tracking my moods and emotional state using a color and number coded system. Using both of these tools has helped me grow in my self-awareness, which, in turn, allows me to approach my life as something to be sculpted and shaped, rather than a bag of burdens that gets unexpectedly dumped on me, leaving me helpless to act.

The truth all comes out in how I feel about my reactions. When I don't enjoy the experience of my choices and actions, I know there are adjustments to be made.

While I am still very much in the beginning stages of this new approach, I can see that clarity and confidence has come from my newfound practice. I felt called to go ahead and share some of the pieces with you.

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