Megan hosted a New Moon call for some lovely ladies and we thought it would be fun to share the recording of our gathering with you here. During this call Megan shared a bit about her own experiences lately and then she pulled and read four animal tarot cards for the group.  Listen to the recording to find out which messages resonate with you the most and how you can take them and use them in your life. 

Oracle Reading: The Unknown

Have you been feeling those pieces rise up inside of you, calling you to step into your power in new and possibly unexpected ways? Do yourself a favor and listen. You may feel a bit afraid, or nervous, or apprehensive, but know this - whatever the end result is that will find you is not what you thought.

New Moon in Pisces: 3 Card Draw

Look at the cards below and choose which one is calling to you more. You might hold your hand over the screen over each cards to see if your palm warms up or tingles over a particular one. Or your eyes might instantly be drawn to one card over the other. Take note of the number of the card you chose and keep scrolling to see your card and reading revealed.