Full Moon in Virgo Horoscopes

These Full Moon vibes bring you the opportunity to tie up loose ends, make a plan, and get moving forward on those dreams of yours. It’s likely that now, some of the perceived obstacles you’ve faced have either moved out of the way or changed form and feel more managable for you to tackle. Don’t let this energy pass you by. It’s the perfect time to look at what is before you as the beginning of something great - a splendid new chapter is unfolding for you! Click to read more and find your horoscope for this month’s Full Moon in a new format. The elements are speaking to me these days.


How are you doing today? How is your mental space? Are you keeping your mind tidy or have you have been struggling with somethings lately? Or maybe you’ve been in your groove, flowing with the rhythms of life. Either way, welcome to our three cards draw! Gaze upon the image above and notice which card stands out to you. Once you have chosen your card continue scrolling to check out the reveal! If you enjoyed participating in this reading with us - please feel free to share it with your friends. Perhaps this is the message your loved one needs to hear today as well. Thank you for reading and participating!

We're Expanding! NOW HIRING

We are looking for a second cosmologist to join us this February, along with Katie Durham Beckett in the salon side of our space. We are open to sharing this space with someone in a different industry or field who would be an appropriate fit for the space. Now we'll be bringing you Sparkle and beauty - body, mind, and hair 💇 If you think you would be a good fit or have an inkling about joining us, let's chat!