Guided together by miscommunication and Divine intervention; we are best friends and business partners making magic happen.


We are Heather Cherie & Megan Monique Lewis. The journey of building Your Spirit Sparkle began early on in 2014. We have since grown from a single online course to a live and in-person small business located in the heart of Ennis, Texas.


About Us

Portraits by Dee Hill & Alyece Nicole Photography

Heather Cherie
Mom, LMT, Loving Heart

Megan Monique Lewis
Born on a Full Moon, Mama, Coach


About You

We see you. This beautiful soul moving out in the world, doing the best you can to form meaningful, fulfilling relationships. When you can, going where you heart is calling you in terms of your career, family, friends, and life purpose. But inside, you feel a deeper calling. One that longs to be supported and heard, held. You want to be seen for who you really are and find honor and grace in the choices you make. You want to feel supported and loved.

What's Calling to You?

Massage Therapy

Heather uses an integrative blend of Swedish and deep tissue massage for each session. The "no pain, no gain" motto is not part a of her practice. She use an amount of pressure that encourages your body begin to trust her. As you relax, so do your muscles. While you're on her table, you get to navigate the amount of pressure applied.


  • Studied in Dallas, Texas at Parker University
  • Practicing Massage Therapy for over 7 years
  • Worked alongside 3 different chiropractors & 1 salon owner

Guided Meditation

Megan has a voice you can gracefully fall asleep to. Her guided meditations help you visualize and step into a world of your own creation. From there, you can detach from every day stresses, see the problems in your life with a new perspective, and invite God into your life.


  • Leading prayers and guided meditations for over 3 years
  • Participating in spiritual study since 2007
  • Certified Angel Card Reader™

sparkle texts

Did you know that we offer a service where we send an uplifting text message to you each day? Sparkle Texts are our most cherished offering. You get a snippet of heart-centered wisdom sent straight to your phone, and then, held on a password protected website, you have access to a more in depth conversation with a captivating image.


  • Oracle card readers since 2010
  • Certified Angel Card Readers™ 2014
  • Everyday Earth Angels and Spiritual Guides