Thursday, February 15, 2018

New Moon & Partial Solar Eclipse
written by Heather & Megan

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HOW TO PLAY: Look at the cards below and choose which one is calling to you more. You might hold your hand over the screen over each cards to see if your palm warms up or tingles over a particular one. Or your eyes might instantly be drawn to one card over the other. Take note of the number of the card you chose and keep scrolling to see your card and reading revealed.







Card #1 Lord Ganesh


"Infinite Abundance. Obstacles are being removed. Spiritual support and connections are increasing."

Have you felt like no matter which way you turn some large 'object' is standing in your way?

It's time to be honest with yourself.

In what ways are you rebelling against your higher self? Where are you only looking at the problem, instead of focusing on what it is you're really wanting? How are you telling yourself it's impossible before you've actually mapped it out and tried? Take these questions to your journal and talk through what's coming up for you. Removing the obstacle might not be as difficult as you thought. The pause that the obstacle caused in your flow, allowed a spiritual intervention to occur for you, and if it hasn't yet - this is it. Hand over the place that has felt like a struggle so you can move on with what you desire to create. 

Card #2 The Myriam

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"Sacred Vision. Choose to forgive in order to heal. See the Light in all. Remember that love has no boundaries."

Been feeling righteous much? As much as you may be wounded, and as much as you're wanting the other person to be the one in the 'wrong' here, you truly cannot find and embrace forgiveness until you're willing to take responsibility for your role in the situation.

Even if you were not the cause of this occurrence, you are the one choosing to carry the story around about how what the other person/people chose to do, and how it effected you. Own it.

It may not feel good, but there is no one side to any story. Every happening is made of a multitude of layers. This is just part of your journey. Everyone has a story a tell. You get to decide what yours is going to be. Whatever comes up for you in your heart as you're reading this. Put your right hand over your heart, take a deep breath in, then exhale and let that sensation leave your body. Hand it over to the Angels and God and ask for their help in healing it. You're stronger than you realize.

Card #3 Mary Magdalene

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"Teacher Awakens. You have something important to share, follow the inner call."

The student needs to be pushed. The teacher shows up and does what needs to be done because they know it is the next best thing for the greater good, and for their highest good which ultimately moves out and supports the ripple of love that reaches us all. In what ways have you been feeling called to show up? Where are you being pulled? Have you been resisting the call?

Let's take the dishes for instance. You may not want to do the dishes. You may cringe or sulk when you remember that there is a sink full of food covered pots and pans that need to be dealt with. But what if you showed up to do them and while you started washing, with music on in the background, you began swaying your hips.

Then, while you kept soaking and scrubbing you said "thank you for these dishes. Thank you for the food that was on them. Thank you that I have a home and a place to do this cleaning and how wonderful it will feel when it is done." You also may notice that upon completion, you feel a huge sense of freedom and openness in your chest.

You might be able to feel the channel of energy that has opened up for you by seeing the resistance you felt, facing it, and then moving through it one plate at a time. Now, apply this to something that has been weighing on you even more. See the resistance, face it, move through it one action at a time.  

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Angel #5 means A significant change is occurring, always for the better.
It’s a good idea to call upon Heaven for help with life changes.